Morgan County Judicial Center

West Liberty, KY

Morgan Smith Industries is known for its quality work in judicial centers and courthouses all over the region. The Morgan County Judicial Center typifies the quality of work that MSI does in such facilities. Combining incredible craftsmanship with the technical and security needs of a judicial center is no small feat - but MSI accomplishes it with style.

Owner - Morgan County Fiscal Court

Architect - Murphy - Graves Architects

CM / GC - Codell Construction

Completion Date - May 2014

  • Circuit Court judges bench
  • Circuit Court witness box
  • Circuit Court jury box
  • Circuit Court doorways
  • Circuit Court litigation table
  • District Court judges bench
  • District Court witness stand
  • District court judges bench detail
  • Lobby atrium
  • Lobby bench
  • Lobby details
  • Lobby details
  • Clerk's Office
  • Clerk's Office