Morgan Smith Industries - Team Positions

All full time positions include a full package of benefits including health, dental, and life insurance, 401K, PTO, and paid holidays.

Project Managers

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Project Managers, as the title implies, manage the projects that pass through MSI. They coordinate all aspects of the project to ensure timely and quality completion, on budget. This includes fostering communication and exchange of information between all departments, ensuring that deadlines are met, materials are ordered, and that fabrication is scheduled as needed. They also maintain product documentation such as drawings, specifications, purchase orders, contracts, addenda, change orders, work and ship tickets, etc. Project Managers serve as a quality check throughout the entire process to ensure both the standards of the client and MSI are being met. They also serve as the liaison with upper level contractors, Project Managers, and the Architect.

Designers / Detailers

Designers examine the drawings of the Architects and make sure that MSI’s interpretation of those drawings matches and stays consistent to the Architect’s intent. They research materials, methods, and equipment needed to realize the project. Designers coordinate getting sample materials for specialty aspects of projects as well as getting quotes and estimates on subcontracting very specialized aspects of projects. They work closely with the Project Managers to ensure details are not overlooked and the project is fully realized to the client’s vision. Designers also do computer visualization of projects using 3D CAD and rendering software. Designers also create shop drawings as needed.

Project Start-Up Coordinators

Our Project Start-Up Coordinators set up and start off our new projects. They carefully collect all project documentation and drawings; confirm our Scope of Work; coordinate the resolution of any outstanding issues; and coordinate the collection, preparation, and submittal of required Project Submittals, Data, and samples. The Project Start-Up Coordinators work closely with our customers to ensure that we are have a correct and complete understanding of our work and are responsible to start-off our projects on a very proactive basis.

Engineers / CAD Draftspersons

Engineers take the work of the Designers and turn that information into practical and workable plans and drawings that can be realized to create the final product. Using AutoCad and their knowledge of MSI construction methods and their knowledge in math, geometry and materials, they form the design into a workable and buildable structure. They create drawings and optimizations for the computerized saws and CNC machines. They also work very closely with the craftspersons fabricating the product to ensure all quality needs are met and make adjustments as necessary.


The Estimators are the first part of our team to work with the Customers.  They carefully commuicate with them to fully understand the project, the requirements, and to collect all necessary drawings and documents.  With that information and in collaboration with Engineering, Production, and Project Management, the Estimators complete an extensive study of the project and Contract Documents; commuicate back to the Customer any issues or conflicts; identify, understand and quantify materials; source material vendors and pricing; estimate labor; prepare and submit error-free bid documents to the Customer prior to the due date.  The work of the Estimator is very fast paced and very dynamic.

AutoCad / Microvellum Operators

AutoCad / Microvellum Operators use the software programs AutoCad, Microvellum, and Excel to create custom casework and furniture engineering drawings. These operators are a specialized division of CAD draftspersons that use there skills to create custom casework (cabinetry), custom contract furniture, countertops (solid surface, plastic laminate, stone, stainless steel and epoxy) as well as all select, recommend, and assign all hardware associated with these items, such as drawer pulls, drawer glides, hinge assemblies, locking mechanisms and specialized cabinetry hardware.

Carpenters / Cabinet Makers / Millworkers / Finishers
Fabricators / Technicians / Machine Operators

These are the men and women that take all the advance work of the Project Manager, the Designer, the Microvellum Operator, and the Engineers and actually craft the product using the required tools and materials. These craftspersons use wood, plastic laminate, solid surface material, ployresin plastics, and an assortment of materials to create the final product. Using their fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, knowledge of materials and construction and steady hand and keen eye, they take the product the final step from paper to reality. A strong understanding of measuring systems, mathematics, geometry, and tools is needed by these artists.